Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Beauty Question: Is the Economy Causing You to Skimp on Salon Treatments?

Okay, I have a confession to make. I just went seven months without a haircut. And yes, part of the reason was because I only get my hair cut in my hometown and hadn't been back in months and months. But honestly, a major reason was because I just didn't want to pay for it more often! Especially in a big city, it can be a total drain on the wallet -- and in these hard economic times, it's just not something I want to spend the money on. Yes, me, the beauty chick!

So my beauty question is this. Is the economy causing you to skimp on salon treatments? Or do you think the hair gods will keep smiling down upon you and finding a way for you to afford your cut and color? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Absolutely! It's all at home treatments for me now. It was the choice between continuing to spend money on things like makeup, and having a bit of savings in case I lose my job, or having treatments. I chose the makeup :)

  2. Nah, if anything I'm having more stuff done. But I run a cosmetic and skincare business and if I don't look good my product sales suffer. I make as much as I can at home as usual but am also going out for pedi's and regular haircuts and styling. But I'm also being savy about it. I'm going to home based hairstylers that don't have the overhead that a salon would have.

  3. definitely! i now do my own manis and pedis and have gone since february without getting a haircut! i hate it!

  4. We've been hit really hard by the stock market and the economy. My husband put together a budget that allows for only necessities. I also went over 6 months without a salon visit. I'm an opptimist and know things will improve.



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