Monday, January 22, 2007

Now That's Juicy: Lancome Juicy Gelee Crystal Clear Lip Gloss

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Now, I've got nothing against matte lips. They're all fine and dandy. But this beauty chick prefers a glossy, slicked-to-the-max pout. There are tons of products on the market guaranteed to give you high-wattage shine in the blink of an eye -- and, truth be told, I've experimented with pretty much every single one of them. My current obsession? Lancôme Juicy Gelée Crystal Clear Lip Gloss (especially in Pink Lollipop).

The rounded pot is so darn cute -- it looks like something a leprechaun might sneakily leave at the end of a rainbow. And just the right shade of pink lies within -- not too bright, not too 80's glam, but just pink enough to give your lips that gleaming, glistening, come-hither sheen.

But if pink ain't your thing, never fear -- 12 other shades beckon! Try Daydream Sparkle (clear shade sprinkled with shimmer), Grape Jubilee (deep sparkly purple, of course), or for the more adventurous, Kiwi Kick (you guessed it -- glittering green!). So take my word of advice and snap yours up before it's too late.

Note: Sadly, Juicy Gelee Crystal Clear Lip Gloss has since been discontinued.

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