Monday, May 21, 2018

Salon and Spa Directory Meets #ManiMonday: Color Camp

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Color Camp, nails, nail art, manicure, gel nails, nail polish, nail varnish, nail lacquer, Los Angeles, #ManiMonday, Salon and Spa Directory, nail salon
You know how you build something up in your mind and just hope beyond hope that it will be as worth it as you dreamed? Well, in the case of Color Camp and my latest manicure, I got even more than I bargained for — because my experience from start to finish was, in a word, MANITASTIC.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Let Them Eat Cake ... Cake Jar Nation, That Is (Umm, YUM)

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Cake Jar, Cake Jar Nation, dessert, The Beauty of Life, Chocolate Cake Jar, Vanilla Rainbow Cake Jar
Who here loves cake? [RAISES HAND ENTHUSIASTICALLY] Yeah, I don't just like cake. I LOOOOOVE cake. The cakier the better, honestly! And little individual cakes made just for one person? Even better! So when I discovered Cake Jar Nation, I immediately had to try it.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

An Insider's Look: Beauty and Complexion Bootcamp with Makeup Artist Kerry Herta

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Kerry Herta, American Horror Story, celebrity makeup artist, Beauty Bootcamp, master class, Nigel Beauty Emporium, Veil Cosmetics
A few days ago, I had the pleasure of attending the Beauty and Complexion Bootcamp with Veil Cosmetics and Kerry Herta at Nigel Beauty Emporium. Kerry is a longtime makeup educator and founder of Colour Box Makeup Studios -- and she's also the makeup designer and department head behind the promo campaigns for all seven seasons of American Horror Story. Her master class focused on tips and tricks for a flawless complexion, creating the basic makeup look that really isn't so basic after all. I'm thrilled to bring you a behind the scenes look at what I learned from Kerry's master class!

Friday, May 4, 2018

First Look Fridays Interview Series: Skincare Blogger and Content Creator Bobby of Skintrovert

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Skintrovert, First Look Fridays interview series, interview, beauty blogger, Instagram influencer, skincare
Raise your hand if you like to follow amazing skincare experts on Instagram. Well, I most certainly do -- and Bobby, the absolute genius behind Skintrovert, is the real deal. His reviews are spot on, and his conversational tone just draws you in immediately. I discovered his Instagram awhile back and I am obsessed with his honesty and ability to really tell you what you need to know about the products he tries. He's a refreshing change of pace from so many influencers and content creators who are just out there to sell themselves, rather than really help you find products that work for you. Read on to find out how he named his OG blog and Instagram, what made him fall in love with skincare, the exfoliator he can't live without and so much more.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Follow Your Heart ... Especially with Fun Heart-Shaped Sunnies

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Jamie Allison Sanders, heart-shaped sunglasses, MINCL/New Fashion Love Red Heart Shaped Sunglasses UV400, jumpsuit, OOTD
Disclaimer: This is going to be a different kind of post than you normally find on The Beauty of Life. It's an OOTD of sorts -- but with a wider message.

What makes you happy? This is a question I've been asking myself for a long time -- and, frankly, until I moved to LA, I really wasn't sure how to answer it. But these past two and a half years have proven to me, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that when you really work on making yourself happy and healthy, you can achieve anything.


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