Friday, December 8, 2017

First Look Fridays Interview Series: Hairstylist Wendy Vario

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Wendy Vario, hairstylist, hair, interview, First Look Fridays interview series
You know that feeling when you find your hair soul mate? That's how it was when I discovered Wendy Vario. During the year and a half I spent in Pittsburgh, I made Wendy WORK. We went red, we went blonde, we went brunette -- we ran the gamut, all while she kept my hair looking and feeling CRAZY healthy. (It's my own fault that it broke off, since I cheated on her once with a different stylist and bleached my hair against Wendy's wishes. Oops.) In any case, Wendy is super talented and the nicest person to boot! I always loved visiting her at Studio Booth, not only because I knew my hair would look incredible, but because hanging out with her was just such a treat. Read on to find out how she first started getting involved in beauty, the hairspray she can't live without and so much more. (And get a glimpse of alllll the different colors she created for me, too!)

Monday, December 4, 2017

#ManiMonday: Christmas Tree Ornament Gel Nails by Katie Masters of Nail Thoughts

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Nail Thoughts, Christmas Tree ornament nails, nail art, gel nails, Katie Masters, #ManiMonday, manicure, nail polish, nail lacquer, nail varnish, glitter nails
I am admittedly not a gel nails girl. I just never have really gotten on that train. I support anyone who wants to get gels -- but because I change my polish so much (and because I love having tons of different colors at my disposal to apply and remove whenever I want), I just don't do gels. But I made an exception this weekend for my Christmas Tree Ornament Gel Nails by Katie Masters of Nail Thoughts!

Friday, November 24, 2017

First Look Fridays Interview Series: Hairstylist Jamie Cramer

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Jamie Cramer, Rage Salon, hairstylist, First Look Fridays interview series, Pulp Riot Haircolor, colorist, hair color
Are you a fan of bold haircolors? Mermaid, unicorn, all around the best kind of crazy? Well, when I discovered hairstylist Jamie Cramer through Pulp Riot's Instagram, I was instantly hooked -- because she creates unbelievably gorgeous color like no other. From teal to pink, fiery red to multitudes of bright shades, Jamie's talent for color truly knows no bounds. (And I for one really like her name!) Read on to find out how she gets her inspiration, the shampoo she can't live without and so much more.

Friday, November 17, 2017

First Look Fridays Interview Series: Beauty Blogger & Vlogger Samantha March

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You know those people who are so freaking incredible at doing makeup that you're just left feeling awe and wonder every time you see one of their finished looks? That's Samantha March. I first discovered her through an Instagram pod I was part of, and I was immediately struck by how perfectly she applies makeup -- her eye looks are always especially on point! Her videos are fun and full of personality, and her aptitude for makeup application really is unparalleled. I simply had to interview her so you could learn more about her! Read on to find out Samantha's introduction into the world of beauty, the lip product she can't live without and so much more.

Friday, November 10, 2017

First Look Fridays Interview Series: Hairstylist Serah Shirley

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Serah Shirley, hairstylist, Pulp Riot, haircolor, unicorn hair, crazy haircolor, hair dye, interview, First Look Fridays
Unicorn hair. It's all the rage, right? Well, in the case of hairstylist Serah Shirley, it's not something one can just covet -- it's something you can have and totally ROCK. I discovered Serah through Pulp Riot's Instagram and all I can say about her is this. I. AM. OBSESSED. (And low key planning a trip to Utah so I can have her create a unique haircolor all my own!) I simply had to talk to Serah about how she gets her inspiration and why she does what she does. Read on to find out what led her to become a hairstylist, how she creates these incredible colors, the shampoo she recommends to keep your color vibrant and so much more. (Oh, and for some INSANELY incredible pics of her work, too.)


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