Tuesday, February 11, 2020

New Manicure! My "Sprinter" Multicolored Mani

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My friend Claire and I were doing our nails recently, and I couldn't commit to one color. And since I'm still on the multicolored manicure trend, and I don't see that ending anytime soon, I chose five different colors instead of one! I created what I've termed the "Sprinter" Multicolored Mani -- a spring-inspired manicure, even though it's still winter. Hence ... SPRINTER!

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Rated. Reviewed. LOVED! The Nuuly Clothing Rental Subscription (AND a $20 Referral Bonus for You!)

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Nuuly, clothing rental, subscription box, fashion
I've known about clothing rental subscription services for a long time. I actually even worked on one for awhile, back when I was at JustFab (we had our own version of this service called PS by JustFab). And it's not that I didn't think they were a good idea -- I just never really saw the point. Until I discovered Nuuly, that is. Well, how times have changed!

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Year in Review: Looking Back on 2019

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2019, New Year's Eve, New Year's wrapup post, 2019 wrapup, Jamie Allison Sanders, looking back on 2019
2020 is upon us. A new decade full of new chances, new choices and new adventures. As is customary on my blog, I'm looking back at 2019 -- the year that's passed, the year that brought more happiness into my life once again.

I look at every moment as a chance to embrace the best life has to offer. Yes, I have lows -- for instance, I was fired from my job this year -- but I never let them get me down. I use them as learning experiences to grow and change for the better, and to continue to make my life what I want it to be. Despite them, I turned 2019 into my best year yet -- a year filled with family, with friends, with new opportunities, with the first time I've gone fully freelance and actually not just survived, but THRIVED.

My wish for the coming year, and the coming decade, is to continue to embrace every moment. Let's all find happiness, peace and strength in the year ahead.

My most special moments this year had some definite themes that emerged. Keep reading for a look at what happened this year!

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Disneyland Holidays: My Top 8 List for the Most Magical Season Ever!

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Disneyland Holidays, Christmas, holiday season, Disneyland, top Disneyland holiday ideas
There are fewer things more magical to me than Disneyland during the holiday season. I love going to Disneyland year round, but there's just something so special about the parks during Christmas! From the beautiful decorations to the delicious treats, the holidays at Disneyland just don't get any better. Here's my list of all the things you absolutely cannot miss during the holidays at the Disney resort!

Thursday, November 21, 2019

The #BoundToParkHop Challenge: All 7 of My Disney Bound Looks!

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#BoundtoParkHop, Instagram photo challenge, clothing challenge, Disneyland, Disney bounding, Disney bounds, Jamie Allison Sanders
A few weeks ago, I participated in the #BoundToParkHop challenge on Instagram, where participants created looks inspired by various things around Disney. I worked extremely hard on this challenge and really pushed myself creatively, and I’m really proud of the results! I've been a major Disneyland fan for quite some time (I got my annual pass 3 days after moving to LA), and I'm always fascinated by the people who really DO Disney Bounding. My friend Erin is basically the most impressive Disney bounder there is, and I'm really grateful to her for encouraging me to step outside my comfort zone and take part in this challenge. Read on for a closer look at all 7 of my bounds!


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