Monday, November 24, 2014

#ManiMonday: Zoya Hudson from the Spring 2014 Awaken Collection

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Zoya, Zoya Hudson, Zoya Spring 2014 Awaken Collection, nails, nail polish, nail lacquer, nail varnish, manicure, #ManiMonday
Sometimes a girl just needs a pretty purple polish, #amirite? And in the case of Zoya Hudson, one of the colors from the Spring 2014 Awaken Collection, "pretty" and "purple" most definitely go together.

Friday, November 21, 2014

First Look Fridays Interview Series: Beauty Blogger Brooke Pakulski of Blushing Noir

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Blushing Noir, Brooke Pakulski, beauty blog, beauty blogger, interview, First Look Fridays interview series
There are just those blogs you have to read every day. For me, it's beauty blogger Brooke Pakulski of Blushing Noir. I love her product reviews, I love her swatches, I love her general attitude about beauty. And it doesn't hurt that she lives in Pittsburgh, just like me! Read on to find out how her love of beauty began, the eyeliner she can't live without and so much more.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Deborah Lippmann Believe (and a Look at My First Manicure Post!)

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Deborah Lippmann, Deborah Lippmann Believe, Lippmann Collection, nails, nail polish, nail lacquer, nail varnish, #TBT, Throwback Thursday
"Believe in yourself right from the start, and you will have brains and you'll have a heart. And you will have courage to last your whole life through." - If You Believe, The Wiz
It may be hard to "believe" (pardon the pun), but I began documenting my favorite nail polishes and manicures back in 2010. My very first Mani of the Week post (which has since evolved into #ManiMonday) was about a nail polish that remains one of my favorites to this very day. I speak, of course, about Deborah Lippmann Believe.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

6 Reasons You Know it's Time to Wash Your Hair

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6 reasons you know it's time to wash your hair, pigtails, dry shampoo, hair, hairstyle
I don't know about you, but I REALLY like to push how long I go before I wash my hair. And here's why. It. Takes. Forever. I have to wash it, condition it, deep condition it, let it air dry for awhile, blow dry it, flat iron it ... from start to finish, my hair takes a good hour and a half to two hours. And since my life isn't just made of extra time, I usually only go through this process a max of twice a week. (Once if I'm REALLY being lazy or am pressed for time.) Especially since my hair is so long now (and that comes with its own set of problems).

But here's the thing. Sometimes, you just KNOW it's time to wash your hair. There are some telltale signs that start to pop up. So I bring you the 6 reasons you know it's time to wash your hair. (And, full disclosure -- my fabulous friend Addie and I came up with this list together.)

Monday, November 17, 2014

#ManiMonday: Chanel Blue Rebel

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Chanel, Chanel Blue Rebel, Chanel Les Jeans de Chanel Collection, Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour, nail polish, nail lacquer, nail varnish, manicure, Mani Monday, #ManiMonday, nails
I traveled to Israel earlier this year. On my way there, I had a layover in the Madrid airport. Now, I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but that airport has pretty much THE BEST DUTY FREE BEAUTY STORE EVER. We're talking Dior, YSL, Guerlain ... you name the high end beauty brand, you'll find it. And it may come as no surprise to anyone that I made a direct beeline for the Chanel nail polish. Once I laid eyes on Chanel Blue Rebel, I knew it had to be mine. Immediately.


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