Thursday, April 21, 2022

Care Bear Stare! Obsessed with the New Her Universe Care Bears Cousins Shortalls

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Jamie Allison Sanders is wearing the Her Universe Care Bears Cousins printed denim shortalls.
Caring is what counts! Who else absolutely loved the Care Bears growing up — and, okay, loves them as an adult, too? If you’re like me, the answer is a resounding “I DID!” So when Her Universe sent over these nostalgic Care Bears Cousins Shortalls, you KNOW my heart exploded with glee!!

Thursday, April 14, 2022

The March 2022 #DisneyBoundChallenge Wrapup!

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Jamie Allison Sanders is bounding as Kermit from The Muppets for the March 2022 #DisneyBoundChallenge.
March was a busy month — because I participated in all 31 days of the #disneyboundchallenge! This annual Instagram challenge hosted by @thedisneybound is always a lot of work AND a lot of fun. It's an amazing opportunity to not only be creative, but to see everyone else's creativity in the bounding community as well! It was my third year participating in the challenge, and the first time I actually posted a bound every single day.

I even shot 23 new bounds, which is definitely a record for me! To only have 8 reposts made me feel really proud of everything I accomplished this month. And now, for the looks!

Friday, February 18, 2022

A Reflection On Body Image and Time Spent in Heart-Shaped Pool Floats

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Jamie Allison Sanders sits in a heart-shaped pool float wearing a leopard-print one-piece swimsuit at a pool in Palm Springs.
Is there anything better than sitting in a heart-shaped pool float at a gorgeous Airbnb in Palm Springs? I’m going to admit something to you, though. I almost deleted this photo from my camera roll. When I first looked at it, all I saw were my flaws. The rolls on my stomach, my bigger arms, my larger hips. I was afraid to put this photo out there because of what I saw.

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Reviewed: Disneyland Merriest Nites After-Hours Party

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Disneyland Merriest Nites After-Hours Party.
My mom and I went to Merriest Nites After-Hours Party at Disneyland and had the most magical, fun-filled, obviously merriest time! Neither of us had ever been to an after hours event at @disneyland before, and we went in just hoping for a fun night with new experiences. Well, we got that in spades! We donned our matching Hot Topic Minnie Mouse sweatshirts and ShopDisney Mickey Christmas Cookie ears, and away we went! From exclusive food options to character meet and greets, this was a night like no other. In all my times at Disneyland, I’ve never had one like this! Read on for a look at what we did — and what you can expect if Merriest Nites comes back!

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Every Halloween Look I Created This Spooky Season, From Ghostbusters to Candy Corn

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Jamie Allison Sanders is showing off her Halloween Spooky Season looks in a pumpkin outfit.
Halloween may be over, but you know what? Spooky season is still living rent free in my head for at least another week or two! (Hey, I mean, someone's gotta eat all the candy I bought for myself this year.) I figured this was the perfect time to do a roundup of all my spooky season outfits! From participating in the month-long Instagram challenge #Boundoween (hosted by @thedisneybound and @bounderstyle) to creating a whole week of looks dedicated to the one and only best Halloween candy — CANDY CORN! — I really enjoyed putting looks together this month. Check out everything I created!