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Salon and Spa Directory: Formula Fig in West Hollywood

A review of Formula Fig salon and spa in Los Angeles/West Hollywood.
Ready, set, glow! I'm always, always looking for a facial that will leave my skin hydrated, youthful-looking, dewy, and super glowy. And I've found it at Formula Fig in West Hollywood!

I was searching lately for a new spot to get a facial — primarily in West Hollywood, though I would basically travel the earth for great skin. In my research, I happened upon Formula Fig, and I just knew on sight that it was worth checking out.

This Canadian-based spa just opened their first location in Los Angeles in March. It immediately captivated me with its gorgeous green interior, convenient location, and must-have selection of products. But it's the treatment menu that really sealed the deal for me.

A review of Formula Fig salon and spa in Los Angeles/West Hollywood.
The beautiful interior of Formula Fig.
When it comes to facials, Formula Fig works a bit differently than other spas and salons. They offer a variety of injectables and high tech facials, all of which target different skin concerns and needs. While I'm not opposed to Botox (or Stingers, as they're referred to here), I really wanted to focus on overall hydration and nourishment for my skin.

A review of Formula Fig salon and spa in Los Angeles/West Hollywood.
I loved all of the photo moments found at this space.
Each facial is 30 minutes, with incredible results! After perusing the menu of treatments — there are a whopping six different facials to choose from! — I selected the Hydrate + Glow core facial. This facial includes a mix of technology, tools, and products that leave skin looking radiant and feeling hydrated (of course).


Diamond-Tip Microdermabrasion: A form of advanced exfoliation that helps remove dead skin cells, stimulate new cellular growth, and give the skin a fresher look. I've had microdermabrasion before, and this experience was super easy and calming; the microdermabrasion tip felt like a light pressured scratching across my face. I've also noticed a lot of flaking and peeling from other microdermabrasion sessions that lasted up to a week in the past, but this one didn't produce any unsightly peeling afterward!

Pressurized Oxygen Serum Infusion: This cooling, calming oxygen is sprayed onto the skin to help absorb serums and improve skin's hydration levels. It's used with 98% pure oxygen so active ingredients can deeply penetrate the skin.

LED Light Therapy: This form of light therapy penetrates the skin to help rejuvenate, repair tissue, reduce inflammation, decrease harmful bacteria, and stimulate collagen.

Ultrasonic Skin Slider: It uses high frequency to gently dislodge dirt and debris on skin's surface and help exfoliate.


First of all, the treatment rooms are cozy and inviting. While other spas and salons may have you change into a robe or facial wrap, here, you simply climb up into the comfortable chair and lean back. I actually didn't mind staying in my regular clothes, especially since the session is only 30 minutes.

A review of Formula Fig salon and spa in Los Angeles/West Hollywood.
Inside the treatment room.
But it's the treatment and products itself that are the real stars. What I loved most is how customized it was to my skin. My skin expert, Crystal, made sure to use products that were meant for my skin type, texture, and needs. The products she chose for my skin are:

Double Cleanse

Dr. Loretta Gentle Hydrating Cleanser

Odacité Blue Aura Cleansing Water


VENN Synbiotic Defense Mist


VENN Age-Response Compound K Hyaluronic Booster


Dr. Loretta Urban Antioxidant Sunscreen SPF 40

A review of Formula Fig salon and spa in Los Angeles/West Hollywood.
A few of the products my skin expert, Crystal, used.


I came in with skin that was dull, dehydrated, flaky, pretty much just not how I wanted it to look OR feel. After just 30 minutes, my skin immediately felt so dewy, refreshed, and hydrated. I literally could FEEL the difference from before and after the treatment! Almost a week later, my skin is still so nourished and hydrated that I have barely even needed to moisturize (though, of course, I have been) — it's baby soft and insanely glowy.

A review of Formula Fig salon and spa in Los Angeles/West Hollywood.
After my Hydrate + Glow treatment at Formula Fig. My skin was GLOWING!


So, curious about how Formula Fig works? There are two ways to experience the magic here.

Option 1: Drop In

If you don't need monthly treatments or aren't ready to commit, you can book a one-off for any treatment offered at Formula Fig. Cost varies, depending on the treatment — for example, the drop-in price for Hydrate + Glow is $145, while the drop-in price for the Lift + Tone is $165 and the All-In is $225.

Option 2: Become a Member

Ready to commit? A membership may be your best bet! There are five different memberships to choose from — the least expensive is Basic ($95/month) lets you alternate each month between a Hydrate + Glow and LED Lymphatic, while the priciest is Premium Flex ($585/month), where you personalize your treatment plan with four facials a month.

A review of Formula Fig salon and spa in Los Angeles/West Hollywood.
The menu outside Formula Fig with pricing.

A review of Formula Fig salon and spa in Los Angeles/West Hollywood.
Another pricing menu hangs at reception.
Whether you do a drop in or sign up for a membership, it's really just about what works best for you. I haven't gotten a membership yet, but I am strongly considering it since my skin responded so well to the Hydrate + Glow — and I definitely want to experience the other treatments, too!

For more information about Formula Fig and to book an appointment, visit formulafig.com.

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