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Hanukkah Gift Guide: The 13 Best Hanukkah Gifts for 2023, All From Jewish and Israeli Owned Brands

Hanukkah Gift Guide 2023
Hanukkah starts this Thursday, December 7. It's my favorite holiday — not because of the gifts, although of course getting eight nights of presents as a kid was pretty darn amazing. My mom, brother and I would each put a large grocery bag underneath our piano, and then we'd toss in gifts for each other for the month or so leading up to Hanukkah until they were all but overflowing!

But, even as a kid, what I loved more than the gifts was the traditions we as Jews celebrate during this time. I love lighting the menorah, and have actually lit it with my mom and brother over FaceTime for years if we can't be together (though the photo above is of my mom and me lighting it on the last night, two years ago). I love the latkes and the sufganiyot (donuts). I love playing the dreidel game (and hopefully winning the most Hanukkah gelt). I love the songs and the Hanukkah candle blessings. Most of all, I love the fact that this holiday represents a time when the Jews refused to let our light go out, both literally and figuratively. In this time that's rife with antisemitism and a rise in hatred against Jews and Israel, that means more to me than ever before.

To that end, I decided to create a Hanukkah gift guide this year. I haven't put together gift guides on the blog in awhile, but I really wanted to find a way to celebrate this holiday. All of the products in this guide are by Jewish-owned and Israeli-owned brands — it was important to me to have them truly represent this holiday. If you're looking for a gift for a friend or family member who celebrates Hanukkah — or you just want one for yourself (hint hint), keep reading to discover the 13 best Hanukkah gifts worthy of the eight nights of lights!

Jonathan Adler Vice Glitter Canister
Honestly, I can't recommend this canister highly enough. I own one and it's a showstopper! I love all of the Vice canisters, thanks to their cheeky phrases, but I've always gravitated toward GLITTER. Give this to a friend to show them just how much they sparkle in your life.
$95 at

Economy Candy Goldbelly Hanukkah Candycare Pack, Hanukkah gift
Economy Candy Hanukkah Candycare Pack
Anyone who's anyone in New York knows about Economy Candy. It's a mainstay of the Lower East Side — it's been there since the 1930s! I've always loved walking into the store and seeing the floor-to-ceiling candy. Now that I live in LA, I need to settle for it long distance — so this gift set, filled with everything from Hanukkah gelt to kosher chocolates, is an absolute must. Each one is unique, so you know what that means ... you gotta buy multiples!
$89.95 at

Naot Calm Slippers, Hanukkah gift guide
Naot Calm Slippers
I've become pretty obsessed with slippers over the past year, mainly due to the fact that my hardwood floors are, well, slippery! As I've amassed a fairly large collection to slip into, a brand that's coming to the forefront is Naot. This Israeli-owned brand has been around since 1942, when people started making shoes in a one-room workshop on Kibbutz Naot Mordechai. They call them "shoes of peace," which I personally love all the time, but especially now. The Calm Slippers are vegan and designed in a fleece-lined scuff silhouette with a comfortable padded foam insole. Sign me up.
$74.95 at

Russ & Daughters Weekender Box at Goldbelly, Hanukkah gift guide
Russ & Daughters Weekender Box
Another staple from my time in New York? Russ & Daughters. Until you've had one of their bagels and tried their myriad smoked fish varieties (herring, yum), you haven't truly lived. My mouth is watering just reading the description of everything that comes in this box — your choice of plain, everything, poppy or sesame bagels, two different cream cheeses, a loaf of rye bread, chocolate babka, nova salmon, hot smoke and cold smoke, and salmon salad. In a word, OMG. They say this serves 12, but I'm sure my little family of three could take it down pretty easily.
$234 at

Lele Sadoughi Cotton Candy Crystal Embellished Headband, Hanukkah gift guide
Lele Sadoughi Cotton Candy Rectangle Crystal Plaid Knotted Headband
When it comes to Lele Sadoughi, every single headband is a work of art. I want them all, truthfully, but this one is a standout thanks to its pretty pink and blue plaid flannel pattern and multitude of crystal embellishments. Slip this on, and you may just shine brighter than the menorah!
$195 at

Susan Alexandra Pickle Mensch Earrings, Hanukkah Gift Guide
Susan Alexandra Pickle Mensch Earrings
Susan Korn's collection of kitschy-yet-cute jewelry and bags has always been one of my favorites. And a pair of earrings with dangling pickles?! How could you go wrong! The earrings are handmade in bronze, the bow design is beautiful, and the little pickle is just the most delicious accoutrement.
$138 at

Stoney Clover Lane Classic Jumbo Fanny Pack in Bubblegum, Hanukkah gift guide
Stoney Clover Lane Classic Jumbo Fanny Pack in Bubblegum
Stoney Clover is one of my very favorite brands. I've actually lost count of how many items I own from the brand — but the fanny packs top my list for their utility, function, and overall cuteness! I have two already, and let's face it, I'll be buying more. This one, in their Barbie Pink "Bubblegum" hue, is an absolute must for any Barbie lover this year.
$128 at

Challah Back Girls Chocolate Chip Challah, Hanukkah Gift Guide
Challah Back Girls Chocolate Chip Challah
I'll take one of every challah by the Challah Back Girls. But the Chocolate Chip Challah is definitely at the top of my list! I love that you can purchase a challah once, once a week, every two weeks, or every three weeks. And, of course, I love that this particular challah is stuffed with chocolate chips. Talk about a Shabbat Tov (good Sabbath).
Starting at $11.70 at

Candleschtick Here for the Brisket T-Shirt, Hanukkah gift guide
Candleschtick Here for the Brisket Tee
The phrase on this Candleschtick T-shirt really says it all. I am always, always here for the brisket. My Bubby made the world's best brisket (ask any Jew and they'll probably say the same thing, but I know I'm right about mine). Honor your Bubby with this unisex tee in soft, ring-spun cotton. It comes in 15 different colors, too!
$32 at

AHAVA Mud About You holiday gift set, Hanukkah gift guide
AHAVA Mud About You Gift Set
You can't think of Israel and not think of the Dead Sea. Floating in it is an indescribable experience — until you do it, it's just unfathomable to think there's no way you'll ever sink to the bottom. I did it during my Birthright Trip, and it's one of the coolest experiences of my entire life. To that end, I love that AHAVA responsibly sources their ingredients to preserve the Dead Sea's ecological balance. While there are a multitude of amazing products to choose from, this gift set is a must-have, thanks to its trio featuring the Essential Day Moisturizer, Mineral Hand Cream and Purifying Mud Mask.
$95 at

Hayden B Jewelry Half Moon Hoop Earrings, Hanukkah gift guide
Hayden B. Jewelry Half Moon Hoop Earrings
For delicate jewelry that makes a statement, look no further than Hayden B. Jewelry. The founder, Brittany, is actually my old therapist (and the person I credit with helping me become happy and healthy after moving to LA eight years ago). Aside from her former therapy work, her jewelry-making skills are next level. The whole brand is beautiful, but the Half Moon Hoops have my heart, thanks to the oversized yet dainty silhouette and colorful glass beads.
$48 at

Sabon Blush Gourmand Holiday Kit, Hanukkah gift guide
Sabon Blush Gourmand Gift Set
Sabon is a brand I've loved for over a decade, but it wasn't until recently that I learned it's Israeli! Like AHAVA, it originates from the Dead Sea. Their beauty products all smell delectable and are incredibly nourishing. I love the Blush Gourmand Gift Set because it's packed with six of the brand's heavy hitters, including a hand cream, candle, diffuser, and shower oil.
$84 at

Whipnotic Whipped Cream Variety Pack, Hanukkah Gift Guide
Whipnotic Variety Swirl
Why not take whipped cream to the next level with sweeter flavors? Whipnotic, a brand founded by Jewish sisters Tracy and Lori, is KETO-friendly, gluten-free, artificial flavor-free and has only 15 calories and 1 gram of sugar per serving. The Variety Swirl has Strawberry Swirl, Peach Mango, Vanilla Salted Caramel and Brownie Batter whipped creams to add that certain je ne sweet quoi to every recipe. Is it wrong that I want to eat the entire can in one sitting? (Only half kidding.)
$32 at

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