Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Bombs Away: Lush Bath Bombs, That Is!

Lush, Lush bath bomb, bath bomb, bubble bath
At the end of a stressful and tiring week, there's absolutely nothing better than taking a long, hot bubble bath. Especially when paired with wine, candles and soothing tunes (think Enya). Admit it, this beauty chick knows what she's talking about! But to really give your bath that little something extra, look no further than Lush's amazing array of Bath Bombs.

21 scented goodies are at your service, each one guaranteed to make your bath fizz and pop with the best of 'em. Just drop one into the tub and watch it dissolve ... leaving behind dazzling hues, intoxicating aromas and sometimes even extra treats like confetti and rose buds.

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, the romantic in you might love Tisty Tosty (a heart-shaped, rose-scented bomb with real rosebuds in the center). Or maybe Think Pink is more your style, with its vibrant fucshia shade and delightful tonka bean-and-vanilla-infused aroma.

Perhaps you'd enjoy the bright yellow Honey Bee (honey, carmelized sugar, sweet orange and bergamot), or keep dreaming with Dream On (with chamomile, lavender and rose essential oils, and a water-softening mixture to ease distressed skin). And let's not forget the ever-popular and pleasure-filled Sex Bomb (a vivid pink-and-purple hued baby with a jasmine and ylang ylang fragrance that makes you think of -- what else -- sex).

Whatever your fancy, Lush is sure to have a bath bomb to ease your troubles, soothe your spirits and just make you feel all nice and relaxed.

Lush bath bombs retail for around $5 each at

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