Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Great Brand Alert: TINte Cosmetics

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Put this beauty chick in front of beauty products and it's like looking at a kid in a candy store. Testing out new lipglosses, eyeshadows, nail polishes and perfumes is my version of eating chocolate cake for breakfast. So imagine my sheer delight when I happened upon TINte Cosmetics -- a totally girly, totally cute and totally FUN makeup line.

First up on my wish list: the Flavored Lip Shine, available in 10 luscious flavors like Pink Lemonade (shimmery pastel pink), Plum-scious (rich glittering mulberry), Mynt Kiss (a glitter-tinged cranberry shade laced with -- you guessed it, peppermint), and Peachie Sheen (peach flavor, peach shade, what's not to like?). Also available: coconut-infused South Beach, root beer-flavored Float, bubble gum-like Double Bubble, intoxicating cocoa-esque Haute Chocolate, golden Cake, and sassy burnt red Pepper on the Rocks. Each looks like a tiny nail polish bottle, complete with its own tiny applicator. And at only $17 each, you'd better believe I'll be buying them all!

And as if that's not enough, TINte's also got Shimmering Face Pearls -- which you can wear either wet for intense, dramatic radiance or dry for more of a soft glow. Perfect for everything from eye shadow and eyeliner to highlighter and blush, this product's definitely a must! It's offered in 8 amazing shades, from Bronze Glow (sparkling chestnut), Vanilla Sky (twinkling cream), Emerald Velvet (glimmering green), and Midnight Platinum (shimmering indigo that blends and softens into a smoky midnight charcoal). And at only $14 each? What a steal.

Check these out -- and more -- at TINte's website and stock up before they're all gone!

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  1. Thanks for info! Definitely I will check out these products!!