Sunday, June 17, 2007

Tingles and Jingles: Olay Thermal Pedicure Foot Treatment

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Walking around in flip-flops -- while it keeps this beauty chick's feet cool during the summer -- is not the kindest way to take care of my tootsies, that's for sure. After just a few weeks of scampering around the New York City streets, my heels were cracked, my skin was dry and my feet definitely looked a bit worse for wear. Enter Olay Thermal Pedicure Foot Treatment.

One look at the ingredients (think shea butter, pumice, micro-crystals and Bora Bora white sand) and I knew this baby was bound to soften up my skin. True to form, Olay's newest product did not disappoint!

But the absolute best part was the warming factor -- this cream heats up on contact with skin and water to relax, polish, smooth and completely moisturize your skin almost instantaneously. The tingly warmth definitely ups the ante on this product a notch, since you can actually feel it working its magic. I was actually a bit incredulous at the immediacy of the results! Just squeeze a dollop of the lavender-hued cream onto problem areas and rub in ... and before you know it, your skin will no longer be ravaged, thirsty or otherwise unsightly.

Note: This product is no longer available.

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