Monday, July 23, 2007

Best. Haircut. Ever. Thank You, John Robert's!

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Suffering the wrath of a terrible haircut? Why, yes I was. Earlier this year, I decided to go to a new salon, which shall remain nameless, for just a quick trim. My locks had finally grown out from the pixie-like cut I'd been sporting, and were looking good on a daily basis with almost no product and no extra steps in the morning to get ready. Imagine my shock and horror when my tresses were not just trimmed evenly about an inch, but were completely hacked into a sort-of grown-out mullet! And an uneven one, at that. After much crying, screaming and temper tantruming, I got a hold of myself and booked an appointment at John Robert's Spa in Mayfield Heights, Ohio.

Jen Greer came to the rescue in a big way -- after first taking a look at my hair and saying, "Umm ... what happened here?" (And you know that's a bad sign.) She worked her magic, fixing the uneven and choppy layers and bringing the back of my hair up about an inch and a half. And voila! No more bad haircut. I can now go out in the rain and come in with a mess of curly ringlets ... walk to work in 90+ degree weather and maintain a sleek, shiny 'do ... and just basically like my hair again!

Even better is the fact that it only costs $60 -- with a generous tip, that's still way less than I was paying in New York for much worse styling! Jen G. has found herself a lifetime customer in this beauty chick. You should try her, too -- but know that I'll beat you to her chair every time!

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