Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Giving Lip: Juice Beauty Organic SPF 15 Tinted Lip Moisturizers

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Ahhh, lip balms. Can a girl ever have too many? Umm -- the answer would be no. Now, we all play favorites -- I personally am quite the fan of Bonne Bell -- but it's good to branch out once in awhile. And in the case of Juice Beauty's Organic SPF15 Tinted Lip Moisturizers, I'm sure glad I did!

While I may not always remember to recycle my Diet Coke cans or Sunday New York Times, I always love trying organic beauty products. And these babies sure pack a punch with everything from certified organic emollient plant oils and botanicals to guava and peach essences, honey and bee propolis! The result? Sinfully kissable lips that are not only protected from the sun and look great but feel fantastic!

The three-pack of balms come in Playful (reddish purple), Joyful (a pretty pale pink with just the hint of brick red), and Delightful (deep plum). Each molds to your lips and creates such a beautiful stain -- not too light, not too dark, but just right.

Unfortunately, this product is no longer available.

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