Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Brush It Off: Goody Add Shine Jojoba Oil Infused Hairbrush

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A hairbrush that makes hair shiny and cuts down on frizz, all without the use of a hairdryer? Too good to be true, I thought when I first picked up the Goody Add Shine Jojoba Oil Infused Hairbrush.

My hair has got at least a touch of frizz and out-of-controlness to it even on its most perfect days, so I knew testing it and getting good results would be a challenge. As I began to run it through my hair, however, I was immediately put at ease by the massaging feeling it gave as it brushed against my scalp.

The bristles are flexible and easily glide through strands. And imagine my shock and surprise when I looked at my tresses -- dry and fairly unmanageable on this particular day -- and found them to be sleeker, shinier and healthier-looking! How is this accomplished, I wondered? Why, through the Jojoba Oil inside the brush. It conditions, it moisturizes, it locks in shine. I swear it works!

I guess I'm saying goodbye to bad hair days and hello to the new, shinier me!

Unfortunately, this product is no longer available.

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