Saturday, December 29, 2007

Count Chocula: Bliss Double Choc Pedicure

Bliss may finally have outdone itself. Now, I've gone there for many a treatment -- massage, facial, the Herbie, you name it, I've tried it. But for some reason I'd never gone just for a pedicure! I decided to change that and, after looking over all the various choices, booked the special limited-edition Double Choc Pedicure at my favorite of the New York locations, Bliss 49.

I was treated like a queen from the moment I arrived -- given headphones and my very own personal TV complete with Sex and the City episodes to keep me busy during the 60-minute treatment! As I settled into my comfortable chair and sunk my feet into a bubbling chocolate milk skin soak, my pedicurist brought out miniature brownies and a cup of steaming Vosges hot chocolate. She then proceeded to massage, soak, scrub, cream and lotion my feet to my heart's content -- all while using products scented and formulated with chocolate, of course! She even went the extra mile and dipped my tootsies in paraffin wax to combat the cold temperatures outside, leaving them soft and silky smooth.

And imagine my surprise as the normally very ticklish buffing and pumicing was absolutely the opposite -- she found a way to pumice to perfection without making me wince or gasp in the slightest! As she finished the treatment by polishing my nails to perfection (I chose a sparkling deep ruby), I was left in awe both of her talent and how utterly amazing my feet looked and felt! I was then led to the women's lounge, where I of course stocked up on the snacks and read two magazines while my nails dried.

While the treatment is $70, which I admit is a bit steep, it most definitely is worth it. All in all, it was an absolutely incredible and indulgent experience that I would most certainly go back for!

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