Thursday, January 31, 2008

Birthday Time!

All right, I have to just write about myself and not a product for one moment. Why? Because today is my birthday! And my birthday wish is to keep trying out products, loving them and reviewing them for all of my lovely readers. All right, selfish post is now done!


  1. Hi Jamie,

    I just found your blog "by chance".

    Happy birthday and God bless you !

    May the Lord Jesus find His place in your hearth and manifest His beauty in you.

    Pastor Emile

  2. Happy birthday! And speaking as someone who made her birthday publicly known last year, I don't think it's selfish to post about it. :)

  3. Happy Birthday!! I even celebrate my half birthday - lol. Hope your birthday is filled with fabulous products, cake and friends!

  4. Happy birthday!

    I really enjoy your blog - and actually wouldn't mind a few "you" posts every now and then!

  5. hehe that pic is awesome! mmm that cake looks delish :) I hope you had an amazing b-day!!

  6. Thanks so much to all for the birthday wishes!