Monday, January 28, 2008

Must-Have Mondays: YSL Easy French Kit

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Well, my lovely beauty chicks, it's time for me to introduce the first in my new weekly series! Every Monday I will now have a column entitled Must-Have Mondays, in which I choose a single product that I -- and of course you -- just can't live without.

And now for the very first edition -- I've chosen none other than the Yves Saint Laurent Easy French Kit. Why is this a must have, you ask? Maybe it's the fact that it comes with a white pen to draw the tips along your nails. Maybe it's the pink pen-brush that leaves your nails glossily pink and pretty. Maybe it's just that these are so easy to use ... and can be carted in your purse for quick touchups!

And the $42 price tag, while it seems a bit steep, is actually quite practical. Think about it: how many times have you spent at least $25 on just one French manicure at the walk-in nail salon down the street, while these pens last for multiple uses? It's really a question of cost per wear -- and these end up costing practically nothing when all is said and done. In this beauty chick's eye, this kit is simply a must have. Wouldn't you agree?

Note: This product is no longer available.

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