Monday, January 28, 2008

Spa + Party? It Equals SPARTY!

What makes a party more fun? Spa treatments, of course! But so often it's almost impossible to get the number of people you want into the spa you want at the time you want for the treatments you want! (That's a lot of wanting that doesn't end up happening.) Not so with SPARTY!, an event marketing company that customizes spa treatments for a variety of events. They even provide the robes, spa decor and cocktails so you and your guests can just sit back and enjoy! Whether you're interested in having individual spa stations that you and your favorite gals walk around to or just having a treatment or two in your very own "treatment room" -- which can be anywhere from your own apartment to SPARTY!'s studio -- SPARTY! is there to help. Tons of treatments, from manicures and pedicures to custom facials and even gentleman's shaves, can be done for you and yours. So why not check out SPARTY! today? This beauty chick definitely is going to call on them the next time she's in need of spa-ing and partying in one!

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