Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wallet-Friendly Wednesdays: Sephora Girls

I like high-end brands like Dior and Guerlain as much as the next beauty chick. But sometimes, I must admit that I long for the uncomplicated days of my youth ... when swiping on that $2 Jane mascara or $1 candy-flavored lipgloss was all I needed. The Sephora Girls line is perfect for when I just need a day of rest from all the more expensive products out there -- because nothing in this line is more than $10! And every single item is totally adorable and actually quite wearable even if you're, well, not a girl anymore. From palettes to train cases, lipgloss to eyeshadow, the packaging is super-cute and the prices just can't be beat. Here are the standouts ... who says only preteens can wear this stuff?

ExampleLip Candy Palette ($4): The clear case is jam-packed with nine mouthwatering glosses in pans shaped like ice cream and candy. Choose from two lollipops (pink glitter and sheer opal), four bonbons (sheer opal, glittery grape, berry and shiny strawberry) and two ice cream duos (sheer glitter/grape sheen and multiglitter/opal sheen). You even get a mini lip brush!

ExampleShower Cap ($2): The unfashionable, unstylish versions are a thing of the past. This one is emblazoned with the Little Darling Sephora Girl and cuter-than-cute puppies to keep you and your hair chicer-than-chic!

ExampleMischievous Travel Accessories Pencil Bag ($4): Keep your eye pencils and makeup brushes safe and secure in a lavender case adorned with the Mischievous Sephora Girl. I love her devilish little wink!

ExampleLip Gloss Bracelet ($2): Jewelry and lipgloss in one? Now that's something worth buying! And this pink cuff, with its two strawberry-scented glosses (in both sparkling and shimmering pink) is just so, so cute.


  1. How darling!!! And wallet-friendly?

    Riiiiight up, my alley. Great gifts too.

  2. I know, aren't they just too adorable for words?