Thursday, May 1, 2008

Trend-Filled Thursdays: Orange Nail Polish

The color that will be on everyone's fingers and toes this summer? Bright, vibrant, vivacious orange. We have Rihanna to thank for this trend, who sported a remarkably turned-up version of the hue at the Grammy Awards. And whether you want to go bold with tangerine or want a more muted shade like pumpkin, there's something for everyone. Check out the hues I just can't wait to get my hands on this season -- pun intended!

ExampleSephora Nail Polish in 60 ($2): The creamy, vibrant shade will look perfect for summer pedicures -- and the miniature bottle means you can cart it around easily for quick touch-ups!

ExampleZoya Professional Lacquer in Lianne ($6): I'm super-excited to get my hands on this bottle -- not only is it the absolute to-die-for shimmery color I want to sport on my tips, but it's named after one of my favorite fellow bloggers, TheMakeupGirl herself!

ExampleOPI Nail Lacquer in Don't Socra-tease Me! ($6): The philosopher himself would have wanted to get his hands on this bottle, which holds such a fiery, hot tamale shade of orange.

ExampleEssie Nail Polish in Alligator Purse ($8): Almost burnt sienna in color, this one lends such a dramatic finish to your next evening out.

ExampleMilani Nail Art in Juicy Glo ($3.29): I am so in love with everything about this polish, from the amazing price to the traffic-stopping neon hue. I can't wait to, well, stop traffic when I sport this on my nails!

ExampleChina Glaze Nail Lacquer in Orange Knockout ($2.99): You'll score a total TKO with the gorgeously creamy, lustrous finish of this lacquer on your fingers and toes.

ExampleShades by Barielle Nail Polish in Spirited ($8): Sparkles glitter and glisten in this polish, making it such a glam choice.


  1. OMG, I love orange polishes! With a passion! I'm just buggin' that China Glaze is $2.99. Must order noooow!

  2. I know, can you believe how cheap it is? I was totally in shock when I saw that!

  3. I'm already in the tangerine dream :)

    PS: Mentioned you in my weekly beauty blog highlights