Friday, June 20, 2008

Great Brand Alert: Julie Hewett

Julie Hewett, Great Brand Alert, makeup, Julie Hewett Noir Collection

If you're looking for glitz and glamour in delightfully wrapped packaging, then Julie Hewett is the way to go. This eponymous line was created during Julie's stint as the makeup artist for the movie Pearl Harbor -- her Noir Collection of lipsticks was her answer to the call for old-fashioned red lipstick with more current ingredients. Inspired by the looks of black-and-white French films from the 1940s, Julie creates looks that are ageless and timeless using red lipstick and boldly defined eyes. She's used this philosophy to create looks for everyone from Annette Bening and Jodie Foster to Debra Messing and Hilary Swank.

Julie's carefully thought-out makeup line is full of products that really and truly work. Her gorgeous palettes are supplemented by products in elegant packaging that combat dry skin, add shimmer and highlights and bring our your true and natural beauty. Best of all, the prices are actually reasonable! Here are the standouts.

Julie Hewett, Great Brand Alert, makeup, Julie Hewett Noir Collection, Julie Hewett Camellia Balm, lip balm, lips, lipgloss, lip gloss, chapped lips

Camellia Balm ($14)
A true lifesaver for chapped lips, ragged cuticles and hangnails, ashy elbows and even dry patches on your face, this balm is seriously amazing. It comes in both a stick and a pot version -- I prefer the pot, which is so satisfying to really dig into. Essential oils of camellia, rose and orange combine with beeswax and castor seed oil to keep your entire body soft and smooth. The faintest taste and scent of orange emanate from the balm, and it leaves the most beautiful subtle sheen on your lips. This is most definitely a product to carry around in your purse at all times -- you never know when your skin might need a little touch up!

Julie Hewett, Great Brand Alert, makeup, Julie Hewett Noir Collection, Julie Hewett Boudoir Palette, makeup palette, eyeshadow, eye makeup

Boudoir Palette ($48)
The beautiful floral packaging alone is enough to sell me on this palette of colors for eyes, cheeks and lips. Four shades, ranging from tawny to vampy, create an array of looks that would take you to any red carpet in style. The shades in this palette include:

Cleo -- sultry bronze gold for eyes, cheeks and lips
Vampie -- creamy berry for cheeks and lips
Natural -- pinky brown for cheeks and lips
Goldie -- creampuff shine for extra shimmer wherever you might need it

What I love about Vampie in particular is that while it looks like it would be too harsh, it's actually quite sheer and pretty. A simple swipe of it across the apples of the cheeks leaves them looking flushed and windswept. This palette is totally perfect for a night on the town.

Julie Hewett, Great Brand Alert, makeup, Julie Hewett Noir Collection, Julie Hewett Hue Colour Cream Liner/Shadow, eyeliner, eye liner, eyeshadow, eye shadow, eye makeup, liquid eyeliner

Hue Colour Cream Liner / Shadow ($16 each)
I love that this shadow and liner is described as being perfect for weddings. Because, let's face it, who hasn't cried at a wedding or two? (I once cried at a friend's wedding who I swore I would just smile blissfully for -- and instead I bawled like a baby as soon as the groom walked down the aisle! It was all over when Tammy finally made her way down.) The four shades of water-resistant product sitting in the tiny pots -- Violette, Newsprint Bleu, Rue Burgundy and Lilies-in-the-Snow -- are each so chic and wearable whether you're attending a wedding or just sitting in your cubicle. They're all super-easy to apply and have amazing staying power.

All products are available on Julie Hewett's website.

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  1. The colors are pretty and the packing is adorable, what could be better?! Great find!