Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hang Ten with Philosophy Surfer Girl

Sun. Sand. Surf. All the words that make this beauty chick think of one thing -- summer! So when the Philosophy Surfer Girl set came my way, I was immediately transported to the beach with thoughts of sipping pina coladas and laying out in my Kenneth Cole and Ralph Lauren bikinis. This set of three products -- Exfoliating Shower Gel, Shimmer Body Lotion and Lip Shine -- are all scented with the deliciously enticing aroma of sweet kiwi papaya that's so delectably tropical. I love that the scent is sweet yet not saccharine, close yet not cloying -- it's not going to make you feel claustrophobic or too surrounded in syrupiness. Each product is a bright, sunny yellow with a touch of shimmer that just screams "Take me to the beach right now!" For reviews of the three products and what you can expect from this set, read on!

Exfoliating Shower Gel
Lathering up with this shower gel is actually quite fun. You only need about a dime-sized amount to get a really decent mass of suds. I love the miniature exfoliating grains built into the mix, which really do make skin feel softer. They even helped to get rid of my ashy knees and elbows! Best of all, tiny particles of shimmer are left behind on the skin so you look like a glittering sun goddess!

Shimmer Body Lotion
It moisturizes, it adds shimmer, it's all around fantastic. This lotion adds some serious glisten and gleam to your skin without appearing overbearing or overpowering. I love putting this on my legs before heading out for the day to really make my pale skin look as though I've gotten some color! And since it's formulated with good-for-your-skin ingredients like sunflower, corn, sesame, macadamia seed and olive oil -- and of course the ever-important shea butter -- your skin will feel soft, silky and velvety all day long.

Lip Shine
My problem with flavored lip shines is that they tend to be way too sweet. The taste they leave in my mouth is just so horrible after awhile that I end up only using them once or twice! This is so not the case with the lip shine in this set. I totally love the sheen that it leaves behind on my lips -- it's just enough to make them have some color without looking like I just stuck my mouth in a pile of glitter. And it tastes and smells delicious! I find myself reapplying all day long just so I can breathe in the aroma again and again.

So go ahead, get your glow on with the Philosophy Surfer Girl set. You can get your own for $35 on Philosophy's website. Hang ten, dudes.

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