Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Two-For Tuesdays: Bonne Bell Rolly Lip Smacker Duo

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Loyal readers will already know of this beauty chick's obsession with all things Lip Smackers. (Click here and here to read of my undying love.) So I was totally stoked to discover an all-new product in the line -- the Rolly Lip Smacker Duo!

The four sets of glosses in this collection take the fabulousness of Lip Smackers to a whole new level. I am totally enamored of the metal rollerball silhouette, which for some reason just feels a bit more upscale and classy to me than the typical chapstick form. The formula is totally non-sticky, which means I love slicking it all over my lips and being left with the shiny, glossy look I've come to love and adore from lipglosses. And with both aloe vera and Vitamin E laced through the formula, my pout is super-soft and utterly kissable all day long!

Best of all, though, are the flavors. Each of the duos sounds more delicious than the next -- making it quite hard to pick just one! And at $5.75, why bother when you can just buy them all? The four duos include:

Candy Glaze and Bubble Gum Vanilla
Cookie Dough and Pink Vanilla Frosting
Strawberry and Cotton Candy
Watermelon and Berry Strawberry

Lip Smacker connoisseurs will recognize some of the flavors -- like Watermelon, Strawberry and Cotton Candy -- and may claim that those are their favorites. But I'm totally digging the sweet ones like Cookie Dough, Pink Vanilla Frosting and Candy Glaze. Such a great way to have sweets without the pesky calories!

These duos are all available on Bonne Bell's website. And you know what? They're LipSmackin' good.


  1. my daughter found these at target and bought the strawberry/cotton candy combo (she had saved her money for it!)...needless to say, she loves it...she let me try some (since she is always in my stuff), and it is fabulous! i love lipsmackers :)

  2. monique -- That is so adorable! I love that your daughter and I have the same taste in lipgloss :)