Thursday, September 11, 2008

Highlights From Fashion Week: Day Five

Fashion Week was much calmer yesterday, fellow beauty chicks. I had to work most of the day, so there was no running around backstage or trying to move up to front row at various shows, a la previous days! But I did have a couple of highlights that I would, of course, love to share with you!

1) I stopped by the fabulous EcoTools suite at the Bryant Park Hotel to learn about their new line of products coming out next January. I'm super-excited about this line -- it's completely eco-conscious, from the bamboo handles to the synthetic bristles. Even the packaging is green-friendly with recycled plastic and hemp. There are some amazing new additions to the line, like powder puffs made entirely of bamboo, that I can't wait to share with you in the coming weeks.

2) I met makeup artist Joanna Schlip. Yes, this is in italics. Why? Because she is amazing. Joanna is the makeup artist for Ellen Pompeo, Avril Lavigne, Eva Longoria and other Hollywood starlets ... not to mention her makeup artistry has appeared in every magazine under the sun. Seriously, check out any issue of Allure, Glamour, InStyle and the like and chances are you'll find a spread with her work. In any case, she was doing makeup at the EcoTools suite and she did mine -- and OMG, did I look amazing! She's pure genius. Unfortunately I didn't snap a picture with her, but the pic at left is at least so you can see what she looks like! (And yes, she's gorgeous.)

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