Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Two-For Tuesdays: Bath & Body Works Signature Collection Warm Vanilla Sugar Delightful Duo

Bath and Body Works, Bath and Body Works Signature Collection, Signature Collection, lotion, perfume, eau de toilette, Warm Vanilla Sugar, vanilla, sugar, duo, Delightful DuoMy first favorite scent? Vanilla. Something about it is just so comforting and homey. It reminds me of baking cookies in my grandma's kitchen, measuring out all the ingredients and taking care to put in a teaspoon of the yummy-smelling vanilla before mixing up the batter. So naturally, I fell in love with anything and everything vanilla-scented, from perfumes and lotions to shower gels and haircare products. And what I'm totally jonesing for right now? The Bath & Body Works Signature Collection Warm Vanilla Sugar Delightful Duo. (Say that three times fast!) This duo pairs a lotion and fragrance in the scent that takes me back to my childhood every time.

First off, I totally love the box. The lacquered dark green box is tied with a pretty satin ribbon, making it absolutely beautiful whether it's a gift you're giving to someone else or to yourself! But it's what's inside that really counts ... and the Body Lotion and Eau de Toilette do not disappoint.

The Body Lotion is seriously moisturizing and nourishing without being greasy in the slightest. I love massaging it into my hands before bed -- it works its magic overnight and leaves them feeling soft and smooth all throughout the next day! The Eau de Toilette, on the other hand, is somehow sensuous and invigorating all at once. It's not cloying like some vanilla scents can be -- rather, it's quite light and airy but with a gorgeous undertone of inviting warmth.

But my absolute favorite part about this set? The price! It costs a mere $9 on the Bath & Body Works website. Forget cooking vanilla -- at a price this low, I'm stocking up on the kind I can use each and every day.

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