Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Two-For Tuesdays: Zoya Color Cubes

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Admittedly, it might be a little soon to think about holiday products. It's not even Halloween yet! But the new Color Cubes from Zoya are totally worth getting into the holiday spirit early. These adorably packaged duos each have a Hot Lips Lipgloss and a miniature Nail Lacquer in coordinating colors that are guaranteed to make you the life of any holiday party.

Now, why are they called Color Cubes, you may ask. Well, it's because they are conveniently packaged within miniature plastic cubes. There are six different cubes to choose from:

Sugar Plum Party (Casey Nail Lacquer and Visa Hot Lips)
Pretty in Pink (Bailey Nail Lacquer and Luvie Hot Lips)
Red-E To Go (Diana Nail Lacquer and Disguise Hot Lips)
Fairy Dust (Austine Nail Lacquer and Paparazzi Hot Lips)
Opposites Attract (Raven Nail Lacquer and Sparkle Hot Lips)
Enchanted Evening (Evangeline Nail Lacquer and Starlet Hot Lips)

And I'll let you in on a little secret. THESE BABIES ARE SUPER-CHEAP! They're only $8 each. And since each Zoya lipgloss is $6, you are getting a fabulous deal. You can check out the entire collection on Zoya's website. Happy holidays!

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