Monday, November 3, 2008

Beautiful Belles: Edie Sedgwick

A series focusing on beautiful women throughout history with important contributions to the arts and entertainment industry and charity -- and a fabulous sense of beauty, inside and out!

It's tough to think of iconic beauties without bringing up Edie Sedgwick. Only 28 when she died tragically of a drug overdose, Sedgwick became an icon through her involvement with Andy Warhol's Factory. Though she and Warhol were only acquainted for about one year, it truly defined her beauty and character.

Sedgwick was linked to many famous men throughout her short life. Besides Warhol, she had an affair with Bob Dylan. She was also linked to Chuck Wein and Bob Neuwirth. Yet it was Sedgwick's relationship with Warhol that really brought her to the forefront of people's attention. She appeared in many of Warhol's films, including Vinyl and the critically acclaimed Poor Little Rich Girl.

Segdwick was blessed with natural beauty. Her huge doe eyes were always accented with deep grey or black eyeliner, usually drawn not only along the lash line but tracing the crease as well. This created such an interesting look, making her eyes look absolutely huge and glowing while at the same time smoky and alluring.

Her tresses, on the other hand, were ever changing and always amazing. Though she began with long dark hair, worn straight and parted in the middle, Sedgwick became known for her close-cropped cut that was dyed a beautiful honey blonde. The side-swept bangs helped to accentuate her gorgeous eyes. And when she dyed her hair dark brownish black and cut it even shorter, her look became that more dramatic.

Though Sedgwick died tragically at such a young age, she will always be remembered for her true iconic beauty.


  1. Thanks for this wonderful feature, Jamie. I really love Edie's style. Always have. Those big bold eyes and her fearless fashion sense. So far ahead of her time.

    Can't wait to read more from this series!!

  2. I think she is beautiful, and Factory Girl is one of my favorite movies. Thanks for such a great post!