Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wallet-Friendly Wednesdays: Bonne Bell Strawberry Lip Smacker Original & Best Trio Collection

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Loyal readers already know how much I love my Bonne Bell Lip Smackers. I just can't get enough! They're in every single room of my apartment, not to mention scattered throughout every purse and all over my desk at work. A day doesn't go by without my slicking at least three different flavors over my lips.

But my fave flavor of the moment? Strawberry. It's sweet, juicy and succulent -- exactly like a real strawberry would taste! And since I'm a big fan of the color red, I just love whipping the tube out of my purse.

So of course when I came across the Strawberry Lip Smacker Original & Best Trio Collection, it simply had to be mine. Because not only does it include my fave -- the Lip Smacker, of course! -- but it's got a Liquid Lip Smacker and a Squeezy Lip Smacker to boot!

Now, I've gotta tell ya ... the Squeezy Lip Smacker is really fun to use. You simply squeeze a bit of product out of the tube, coat your lips with it, and voila! Your pout will be so super soft and moisturized, you'll be shocked. And the Liquid Lip Smacker just rolls on so neatly and easily, you won't be able to stop playing with it!

Best of all, this trio is only $5.75 at Is there anything better than three strawberry-flavored products under $10? I think not!

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