Tuesday, December 9, 2008

You'll Win Prizes with China Glaze Prize Winning Mare!

Well, maybe you won't win any prizes. But you really should -- because Prize Winning Mare, from the China Glaze Rodeo Diva Collection, will certainly make your nails stand out. Part of the two-set collection that China Glaze put out this fall -- Flannel Fixation and Hay Ride -- this color from the latter collection is seriously stunning.

I've been obsessed with brown nail polish ever since junior high. And with the recent addition of Chanel Haute Chocolat to my life (click here for the full story), I've been jonesing for anything and everything deep and chocolate brown. This is definitely one I'm glad I came across -- least of which because it retails for way less! They're not really that similar -- Chanel's is much deeper in hue without quite as much sparkle. But that just means I needed them both in my collection, right?

Now, I have been speculating that the collection is named "Hay Ride" because each of the polishes are created with a beautiful baked-in gold shimmer. And whether or not that's true, it really makes this deep chocolate brown a winner in my book!

I love that the shimmer isn't crunchy or hard -- since it's part of the formula, it just leaves a really gorgeous glimmer across the nail without making it feel hard. In addition, it really just makes nails catch the light beautifully. I've literally been holding my hands out in the office and in the sunlight for the last three days, admiring them from every which way, because I just can't get enough of the gorgeous color.

Unfortunately, this color is no longer available.

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  1. I picked up Prize Winning Mare recently while Sally's Beauty Supply was having a Buy 2 Get 1 Free China Glaze sale. I never had used those polishes and love them now (my fave - Lubu Heels - I bought two bottles!). I never have liked brown as a color, but Prize Winning Mare is very pretty on the nails with a lovely shimmer.