Monday, January 12, 2009

Beauty Questions: What Do You Think Of Black Lipstick and Lipgloss?

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There are myriad trends I'm willing to try. Many I'll even incorporate into my daily routine. (Hello, peach lipgloss and gunmetal eyeshadow.) But black lipstick? I just don't get it. I know it was huge on the Spring 2009 runways (why we were embracing such a somber color for balmy temperatures is beyond me), but I'm just not a fan of looking like the undead.

Case in point: Lipstick Queen Black Tie Optional Lipstick. No amount of slicking this on makes it look anything but grey -- literally the color of uncooked salmon. And then there's its counterpart, Lipstick Queen Black Tie Optional Shine Gloss -- such a gloppy mess of black goo that it's pretty near impossible to make it look good. Add to those versions from YSL and Lancome that sold like hotcakes, but without many positive reviews.

So the Beauty Question of the day is this. What do you think of black lipstick and lipgloss? Are you on board with the trend, or is this something you'd rather see disappear? Take the poll below and/or let me know in the comments!

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  1. Oh please! Ever heard the old adage "Whatever is old will be new again?!?!? This was horrid the 1st time around, and you can call it what you like but it doesn't change anything - it's STILL horrid. And just because some Designer "Showcases" something like black lips/nails doesn't mean that all the little sheep have to go out and take a runway-look and wear it to the mall, etc!!!!