Friday, February 13, 2009

Ouidad's Omega-3 Revitalizing Treatment = Megawatt Shine!

The secret to lush, shiny locks? Ouidad's Omega-3 Revitalizing Treatment. This treatment works to wake up tired-looking tresses with a blend of amino acids, wheat and soy proteins and organic Omega-3 oils and enzymes.

Let's face it -- sometimes our hair just doesn't look its best. Maybe we've overprocessed it, maybe we've heat styled too much, maybe we've just shampooed one too many times. But an hour in the salon chair at Ouidad and this can all be rectified. I had the chance to check out the Omega-3 Revitalizing Treatment on a recent trip to the Ouidad salon on 57th Street, and let me tell you -- I was utterly amazed at the results!

My hair actually looked so lackluster when I walked in that I won't even show you the before photo. Just trust me when I say there was absolutely no shine there whatsoever! But after an intense 3-minute scalp massage and a mere 15 minutes sitting under a heated dryer, all that changed. All of a sudden, there was life to my hair again. There was shine. There was sheen. I looked like a Breck girl. (Or should I say a Ouidad girl?) Whatever the case may be, there was no longer any dryness. Just check out these photos for proof! (And yes, my hair is curly -- Ouidad is a curly-haired girl's paradise!)

The Omega-3 Revitalizing Treatment is $125 at Ouidad salons. It's recommended that you get the treatment once a month to maintain healthy, shiny locks. For more information, visit

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