Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wallet-Friendly Wednesdays: Olay Body Wash Plus Body Butter Ribbons

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Body wash and lotion in one? Sign this gal up! I was intrigued by Olay Body Wash Plus Body Butter Ribbons as soon as I laid eyes on the bottle. Promises of "intense moisturization," "fragrant lather" and "the ability to visibly improve skin in just 5 days" really got this beauty chick wondering. So of course I headed into the shower immediately to test it out and report back the findings!

And you know what? This lovely purple bottle delivers. We're talking such smooth skin, I might as well be a baby. (You know, the whole "smooth as a baby's bottom" idiom.) My legs don't even need extra moisturizer rubbed in after my shower anymore! Not to mention the rich and heady scent, which just makes the whole shower experience that much more delightful.

My findings? This body wash is utterly and completely worth it. And the fact that it rings up under $10 just makes it all the more enticing.

Olay Body Wash Plus Body Butter Ribbons retails for $4.79 at


  1. So excited to try it out! I saw the commercial like 10 minutes before I saw your post and now I'm sold!!

  2. I'll have to admit that I am very skeptical about this hehe. I have such dry skin this winter it's I might as well give it a try :3 Thanks for such an informative review!