Saturday, June 20, 2009

Chanel Lilac Sky is Completely Heavenly.

I have an admitted addiction to Chanel nail polish. I honestly don't even care what the color looks like -- if it's a bottle of Chanel polish, I'm going to buy it. My collection is growing to dangerous proportions, actually ... I'm running out of room in my nail polish display, it's overtaking the rest of my beauty arsenal and I don't have a clue how I'll use them all up. But there's one color in particular that I feel will see more action than most ... Lilac Sky.

One of the newer colors from Chanel, Lilac Sky is a beautiful, glimmering light purple -- lilac, if you will -- that just looks like liquid jewelry upon the nail. It shimmers, it glitters, it picks up the light in unbelievably gorgeous ways. I find myself glancing down at my nails repeatedly throughout the day to keep checking out its beauty ... and it never seems to get old!

Add to that the fact that it's as great as all Chanel polishes, so it looks fabulous for days on end with minimal wear and tear. Even if you just dash it across your nails in a hasty manicure, you'll find that it lasts for at least three days with no chipping -- and that's coming from a gal who is extremely hard on her nails!

My final analysis? Chanel Lilac Sky is completely heavenly. Trust me -- you won't be disappointed.

Chanel Lilac Sky is available for $23 at Chanel counters nationwide.


  1. I love this color! It's such a pretty pinkish lavender with an interesting swirl running through. This color would be perfect for flowy summer outfits. For some reason, Chanel polishes don't stay well on my nails and end up chipping quickly. This is so sad because I loveee all the amazing colors that Chanel has..

  2. Love the color but I don't buy Chanel nail polishes. They cause my nails to peel right off...too much moisture. However, the colors are always so beautiful that I am tempted!

  3. lilac sky is not new. it has been around for years. There is also a matching lipstick that when applied looks like a lilac and pink mixture> it looks amazing when a vanilla colored gloss is applied over it! the lipstick is also called lilac sky!