Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Veritably Violet: Diptyque Violette Scented Candle

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I recently indulged myself in a candle of epic proportions. I'd been dying for a Diptyque candle for years -- literally, years. I would eye them every chance I got, but never could bring myself to actually make the purchase. But finally I was tempted into buying the Diptyque Violette Scented Candle ... and my life hasn't been the same since.

My apartment is now enveloped in a lush floral fantasy. Truth be told, I didn't even burn it for the first week -- the scent was so heady, my entire apartment smelled amazing before the wick was even lit! And I must say, I feel unbelievably decadent in the absolute best way every time I light this candle that was hand-poured in Paris.

Best of all, it has a burn time of 60 hours -- so I can enjoy the scent for days, weeks, even months to come. (Though if I keep burning it as frequently as I have recently, I'm betting more on days and needing to replace it in just a few weeks!)

The Diptyque Violette Scented Candle retails for $60 at spacenk.com.

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