Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Finer Things in Life: Tocca Cleopatra Candle

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I love a good candle. I think by now most people know that about me -- especially as referenced by my Jo Malone story yesterday. And at the top of my candle list, now and for all time, is the Tocca Cleopatra Candle.

This candle has been a favorite of mine for years, due to its delectably crisp and lusciously fragrant aroma. A blend of cucumber and grapefruit somehow become so alluring as the candle begins to burn, eliciting a sense of utter calm and tranquility within mere moments. I've bought this candle again and again, always burning it down to the bottom of the jar without a breath of hesitation.

The Tocca Cleopatra Candle retails for $38 at beauty.com.

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  1. I saw in the April issue of In Style (p.92) that Tocca has a new line of 3 flavored lip glosses for $8 each. Have you tried these? I went to tocca.com but i can't find them.