Tuesday, January 5, 2010

TracyLee Percival Gets Me To Try Out the Half-Moon Manicure

I'd been wanting to try the half-moon manicure for quite awhile, but I was a little intimidated by the coolness. Luckily, my gal TracyLee Percival was on hand to create an unbelievably cool look that has garnered so many compliments, I'm thinking about making it my signature! See tons of photos and get the details after the jump.

After shaping, smoothing and buffing my nails to absolute perfection -- seriously, my cuticles looked horrible before she got her hands on them -- TracyLee applied one coat of Orly Rubberized Bonder Base Coat to really set the polish. She then applied one coat of Rescue Beauty Lounge Scrangie, a gorgeous deep purple with shimmery blue sparkle.

TracyLee then applied one coat of OPI Holiday Glow, which is a really pretty sparkly chocolate.

TracyLee starting the coat of OPI Holiday Glow

She finished with a coat of Seche Vite to set the color and give it a glossy finish.

The result? A unique maroonish-brown with tons of sparkle and glimmer. My nails have never looked cooler!

TracyLee Percival did my nails for $45.


  1. I love a good moon manicure! If you can't make it to your manicurist or are a DIY kind of gal, let me recommend using Avery Reinforcement Stickers to get a good moon shape. These are cheaper and work better than french tip strips (http://www.amazon.com/Avery-06002-AVERY-Reinforcement-Labels/dp/B000BQMVY6)

    I stick them on after my basecoat is dry and rub the edge with a orangewood stick to get a good seal. If there is any bleeding of color underneath you can clean that up with a small brush and some nail polish remover as needed. works like a peach!!

  2. I'm just not really crazy about this look. It looks like the job wasn't finished or something. But I'm kind of old fashioned. I only last year started using some of the new dark greens, blues, etc., and only on my toes :)

  3. Carla, if you're an old fashion kinda girl, you should've liked the half moon nails, since their were in fashion in the 1930's, 40's and 50's!