Friday, February 19, 2010

How to Apply False Eyelashes, Courtesy of Makeup Artist James Kaliardos

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If you're like me, applying false eyelashes is a total nightmare. The glue gets all over my eyelid, the lash droops down onto my cheek, and after about 15 seconds I scream at my reflection in the mirror and give up. Luckily, makeup artist James Kaliardos gave me very handy step-by-step instructions backstage at Luca Luca during Fall 2010 Fashion Week. (Stay tuned for my in-depth review of his bangin' makeup look for the show.) Here's what James recommends.

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1) Curl your eyelashes. (You can use any eyelash curler, like the Kevyn Aucoin The Eyelash Curler.)

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2) Apply one coat of mascara, such as Dior Diorshow Black Out Mascara. "The mascara creates a base and a foundation for you to lay the individual lash," James says.

3) Look in the mirror and lift your chin so that your eyelid lays flat.

false eyelashes, Andrea PermaLash Flair, how to apply false eyelashes, James Kaliardos, MAC Cosmetics, M.A.C

4) Take an individual lash, such as Andrea PermaLash Flair, with a tweezer and apply a bit of eyelash glue to the bottom of it. Both he and makeup artist Tom Pecheux prefer Duo Eyelash Adhesive, because it's clear and undetectable once it dries.

5) Apply the lash into your actual lashes instead of onto the skin of your eyelid. "You don't want to see a dot on your eyelid," James says. "You want to see it embedded. You take that tweezer and you get it as in there as possible!"

Above all, James recommends using individual lashes rather than an entire strip. "Forget about doing a strip, that's just impossible!"

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