Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Genius Buy: Splendid Jersey Ruched Leggings

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This season, I wholeheartedly embraced the oversized tee with skinny leggings trend. I voraciously bought as many pairs of leggings as humanly possible, doubling and tripling my wardrobe in a single instant. But the ones who have gotten the most wear? Splendid Jersey Ruched Leggings.

Even though I haven’t been blessed in the height department, that doesn’t seem to matter with these ruched babies. The ruching and draping at the hem somehow works to elongate the leg -- especially with four-inch heels! -- and the body-contouring fabric works to slim and sveltify the silhouette.

Best of all? They are SO COMFORTABLE! I could seriously live the rest of my life in these leggings. Best purchase I ever made!

The Splendid Jersey Ruched Leggings are no longer available, but you can find many other styles at


  1. YES!! I bought a pair of ruched liquid leggings from LnA and wore them all NYFW - Love them 2 much ;-)

  2. These sounds fabulous!! Must get a pair now!