Friday, March 12, 2010

How Do You Stay Chic on a Rainy Day? (Hint: Hunter Rain Boots Are Essential.)

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Well, folks, it looks like we're in for quite the rainy weekend in NYC. (Hopefully other parts of the country are faring better.) This can only mean one thing -- time to break out the Hunter Rain Boots! I own two pairs of these fantastic Wellies, and let me tell you -- my life drastically improved the second I invested. I've never kept my feet drier or more stylish!

Hunter, Hunter Welly Sock Solids, Hunter socks
And if you're concerned about keeping your feet warm? Invest in a pair of Hunter's Welly socks. They're only around $30, and believe me -- you'll never complain of cold feet, even in 6-degree weather!

Hunter Rain Boots retail for around $115 at


  1. I like my high heeled Marc Jacobs rainboots :-)

    But the Hunter colors are all nice.

  2. purple boots...I gotta have these!

  3. My bloggy partner has been drooling over that exact color. SO fab. If I thought I would get enough use out of them here in FL...I would snap up the orange ones!