Thursday, June 10, 2010

What's Your Beauty Indulgence? Beauty Blogger Christine Mikesell Fills Us In.

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The What's Your Beauty Indulgence? series gives you an inside look into the products that my fellow industry insiders hold in highest regard. Be it a moisturizer or a lipgloss, a styling tool or a candle, these products aren't to be missed.

If I really want an honest opinion of a beauty product, I turn to Christine Mikesell of 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic. She provides smart, educated and thoroughly thought-provoking reviews that really make me want to run out and buy every single product ... not to mention she's an absolute doll in person! In Christine's own words, here's her beauty indulgence.

In terms of price, lip balm might not be expensive enough to really be considered an indulgence. I first started using Kiehl's Lip Balm #1 back in college. I was going through a lot of skin issues at the time, and I decided it was time to go the basic and simple route. I promptly went and spent about 10 percent of my savings at a Kiehl's counter! One of the products I purchased that day was a tub of Lip Balm #1.

Since that time I can't even count how many tubes, pots or even flavors of this lip balm I've purchased. This picture shows what I was able to round up in about 5 minutes of searching my home. I know for a fact I have more at work, in the car and in various pieces of luggage. I always have one around to use on my lips, cuticles or rough patches of skin. It's the last product I apply before bed and the first I use when I wake up!

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Check back soon for another edition of What's Your Beauty Indulgence?.

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