Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Where Did All My Cleansers Go?

Clinique, Clinique cleanser, Clinique Comforting Cream Cleanser, Clinique skincare, skin, skincare, skin care, cleanser, facial cleanserI just discovered something horrifying. I don't own a single cleanser. There was a time when my apartment was overrun with cleansers for every skin type. Oily, dry, combination ... you name it, I had a cleanser for it. But I cleaned house (no pun intended) and, unfortunately, I seem to have gotten rid of every single cleanser along with it.

So I ask you, fellow beauty chicks -- what cleanser do you recommend? I am in dire straits! Let me know your recommendations in the comments!


  1. Hello, I recommend MaryKay's TimeWise 3in1 Cleanser. It takes care of the 3 of the 5 steps in proper skin care. It Cleanses, Exfoliates AND Tones with just this one product.

    It is part of MaryKay's incredible anti-aging line. And you can not beat the price! Only $18 for a tube that will last 3 months. You gotta try it!!!!!

  2. I'm a big fan of cleansers that don't contain fragrances and ingredients that don't irritate the skin.

    I'm using Boots No 7. Beautifully Balanced Purifying Cleanser (for normal to comination skin)

    It's great!