Monday, July 19, 2010

My Latest Purchase: See by Chloe Block-Color Cotton Sundress from The Outnet

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After one of the most hellatious weeks known to man -- including a bout with a stolen debit card number, in which someone charged over $1200 to something asinine called College Sports -- I needed a little pick-me-up. (Aside: Do I look like someone who would even spend $40 at a place called College Sports? Seriously, Capital One -- how about being more vigilant with large purchases on my debit card, especially when the biggest purchase I've ever made with it was maybe $150? Luckily, the purchase was declined before it went through and bankrupted me.)

In any case, my broken-down -- and, quite frankly, broke -- self was weeping for joy when that purchase didn't go through. And to appease my wounded psyche, I decided there was nothing more apropos than a little shopping! I'd been eying the See by Chloe Block-Color Cotton Sundress on The Outnet for quite some time, but this weekend seemed the perfect time to purchase it -- because it was an extra 40 percent off, bringing it down to only $70! (It was originally $320!) I also bought dresses by Vanessa Bruno and Calvin Klein.

Just waiting for everything to arrive -- and hopefully fit! -- and then I will do a haul of the day for all of you. In the meantime, I sure am happy my money is safe and sound!


  1. I'm glad the credit card company figured it out! College sports!!!! I mean really, if I was charging $1200 it would be at Gucci or something!!!! Can't wait to see your haul! And strangely enough I've never heard of The Outnet.

  2. Love that dress, so colourful! Great for Summer! x

  3. I want to see the other dresses you bought! I bet they're fantastic!