Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Drugstore Delights: Suave Naturals Mango Mandarin Body Wash

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I currently have 12 body washes in my shower. And you know what? I'm not exaggerating. But among my current favorites is Suave Naturals Mango Mandarin Body Wash.

Not only does this body wash create an intense foaming lather (and we're talking just a quarter-sized amount upon a pouf), but it smells FANTASTIC. Mango and mandarin extracts bring a citrusy, fruity, utterly zesty experience to the shower that none of my other body washes seem to approximate.

And best of all? Suave Naturals Mango Mandarin Body Wash is only $3.49 at drugstore.com. How can you beat that?

1 comment:

  1. I love it too! I came to Mango Mandarin--I mean the scent as a whole, not any given product--late in the game, and by then Bath and Body Works had long discontinued theirs. But Suave's rocks! I want to drink it, it smells that good. Best of all I love the amount you get. There's a supermarket up the road from me who has it every so often in 18 ounce bottles, and less than two dollars. How can you not love this???