Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My God, Tom Binns. Can You Do No Wrong?

I just received my "What's New For You" email from Net-a-Porter, and, as usual, it had me salivating. But while I was thoroughly impressed with the Miu Miu, Balmain, Sonia Rykiel and Alexander McQueen items picked especially for me, they're not what will send my credit card debt skyrocketing into the highest of heights. No, it was the jewelry of one Mr. Tom Binns. Seriously, can he do no wrong? I want EVERY. SINGLE. ITEM. Behold my favorites after the jump.

Tom Binns, Tom Binns jewelry, Tom Binns earrings, Tom Binns Hand-Painted Crystal Earrings, jewelry, earrings, Net-a-PorterHand-Painted Crystal Earrings ($275): I love a statement-making earring -- and these most definitely fit the bill. I love the bright, neon-hued jewels, the oversized chandelier silhouette, and especially the looks they're guaranteed to get when I walk into a room.

Tom Binns, Tom Binns earrings, Tom Binns jewelry, Tom Binns Silver-Plated Swarovski-Crystal Zipper Earrings, earrings, jewelry, Net-a-Porter, SwarovskiSilver-Plated Swarovski Crystal Zipper Earrings ($125): I'm a fan of irreverence, and these zipper earrings definitely fit the bill. What's better than having zippers dangling from my ears -- especially in the case of a fashion emergency?

Tom Binns, Tom Binns necklace, Tom Binns jewelry, Tom Binns Brass-Plated Safety Pin Necklace, necklace, jewelry, Net-a-PorterBrass-Plated Safety Pin Necklace ($100): When I was in junior high, a bunch of girls in my class decided to pierce their ears and wear safety pins in the holes. While I'm not quite badass enough to do that, I AM digging this safety pin necklace. It's got just enough punk rock flair for even the preppiest of outfits.

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  1. I'm a huge Tom Binns fan ... and whenever I wear his jewelry, I have a big smile on my face all day because it is so much fun seeing people's reactions.

    At the moment, I'm typing this note with a pair of zipper earrings (featured on your website) in my ears. Yesterday, I wore dangling pearl earrings ... with safety pins!