Friday, January 7, 2011

First Look Fridays: Manicurist Lisa Jachno

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If you're as obsessed with nails as I am, then today's First Look Fridays column will definitely have you excited. I'm thrilled to bring you an insider's look at manicurist Lisa Jachno, who's manicured practically everyone in the business (read: MADONNA). Keep reading to discover how she got her start, her favorite nail polish (we share a love for the same high-end brand!) and so much more.

How did you first become interested in nails, and what led you to become a manicurist?
I grew up in the San Fernando Valley in a family where four generations have worked in the studio business. I have always loved being a girl and all that comes along with it. I was drawn at a young age to making over my friends, my sisters and myself with haircuts, plucking eyebrows, piercing ears, makeup and nails. (I'm not saying they were always pleased with the outcome if you know what I mean!)

I couldn't wait to be independent and move out on my own. Knowing this made the decision easy for me in taking the manicuring course in beauty school. It was a quicker course of study, and you could begin business on your own immediately. I worked many years in many different salons until I had my children. I took time off to be a stay at home mother, and I loved every minute of it.

You have a pretty impressive celebrity clientele! Any favorite stories or people you've gotten to work on?
I got my start in the celebrity world by working on the set of Baywatch. My whole family worked on that show for many years. I would visit the set once a week and offer manicures and pedicures. I had a full day of appointments for everyone from the accounting ladies to Pamela Anderson and Yasmine Bleeth. I started a business which I named Studio Nails by Lisa Jachno. Through this I found my agency, Cloutier, now called Cloutier Remix, with whom I've been with for 16 years.

What are some of the moments that have stood out as highlights in your career?
I never thought in a million years that this was where my manicuring profession would take me. I feel very blessed and truly excited about my work and all of the possibilities that are available to me. Every job is a new and exciting experience. I have been privileged to work with amazing, talented and famous people. One of the most exciting moments was seeing my credits for the first time in a very popular magazine. After that I knew I would make a name for myself. I have worked with all of the famous people I have ever wanted to meet. From photographers Helmet Newton and Herb Ritts to makeup artist Kevin Aucoin and numerous celebrities such as Julia Roberts, Celine Dion and Tina Turner.

What are your favorite nail polishes and why?

Chanel for their amazing trend colors

Dior, Dior nail polish, Dior Vernis Nail Colour, nails, nail polish

Dior for their classic colors

Essie, Essie nail polish, Essie sheer nail polish, nails, nail polish

Essie for their huge range of sheer colors

What are your top 5 nail essentials?
Black Beauty, Black Beauty 180 grit nail file, nails, nail file
1) Black Beauty 180 grit nail file. I carry one everywhere I go!

Seche, Seche Silk Aromatherapy-Based Vitamin Enriched Lotion, hand lotion, lotion, body lotion
2) Seche Silk Aromatherapy-Based Vitamin Enriched Lotion. Smells amazing and nourishes skin immediately.

Diamond Deb, Diamond Deb metal nail file, nail file, nails, manicure
3) Diamon Deb metal nail file. I have an obsession for keeping under the nails clean. When used wet, it smooths the edge of the nail after filing.

Burt's Bees, Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, cuticle cream, nails, manicure, cuticles, cuticle care

4) Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme

Seche, Seche base coat, Seche Base Ridge Filling Base Coat, nails, nail polish, nail care, base coat

5) Seche Base Ridge Filling Base Coat. Can be worn alone. It is a very soft, sheer pearl color. It looks absolutely beautiful!

What are your top 3 nail tips?
1) Keep nails free from peeling and breaking by smoothing your free edge every other day with the smooth side of a 4-way nail file.

2) When painting your nails, use an orange wood stick dipped in polish remover to swipe away nail polish from skin.

3) Exfoliate cuticles with a terry towel after bathing by rubbing in circular motions and follow with cuticle cream.

What do you see as the trends emerging for winter and into spring?
The winter/spring trends I've been doing lately are going back to classic nails. Corals, reds and nude nails are seen everywhere. Having a long, oval shaped nail is back in style. I love the nude. It works as an extension of the fingers, which elongates the hand, and looks very elegant.

Being a manicurist must be fun -- but what do you do in your spare time?
Besides the fact that I love what I do, this job also has the perks of allowing me to make my own schedule. It allows for a lot of free time to do what I like. Considering myself an artist, I admire the treasures of the past. I enjoy antique shopping to find new pieces for my home. I love my 4 cats and dog! And most of all spending quality time with my husband and kids!

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  1. A true artist! I have never know anyone who can do nails like Lisa Jachno. She is a perfectionist in her work. She is beautiful inside and out.