Monday, April 11, 2011

My Favorite Body Wash of All Time: Caress Daily Silk Body Wash

Caress, Caress shower gel, Caress body wash, Caress Daily Silk Body Wash, body wash, shower gelDo you remember the time before body wash? When there was no such thing and everyone used bars of soap? Well, I do -- and, back in the mid-90s, my life was changed forever. Why? Because I discovered Caress Daily Silk Body Wash.

All of a sudden, my showering world took on new meaning. No longer did I have to try and make a bar of soap adequately lather up on a washrag. No, with Caress, I could squeeze a bit onto a pouf (another new discovery) and voila! Bubbles and lather galore.

Now, I may have strayed from the amazingness of Caress over the years, but I always find my way back. There's something about the creamy, shimmery peach-hued consistency that keeps drawing me in ... not to mention the moisturizing ingredients of sunflower seed oil, orange flower extract, hydrolyzed silk and glycerin. And the fact that it's enriched with white peach and silk blossom? Could there be anything more luxurious?

Caress Daily Silk Body Wash retails for $5.60 at

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  1. I like Caress Tahitian Renewal because it smells good and it doesn't clog my pores. For some reason most of the other creamier body lotions give me bumps on my arms! I will have to try the Silky Body Wash because the thing I don't like about the Tahitian one is that it is drying to my skin.