Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Trend-Spotting: Russian Nesting Dolls

I've always had a fascination with Russian nesting dolls. It's so cool to me that as you keep opening them up, there's a smaller identical doll nested inside. So it comes as no surprise that I'm obsessed with the accessories I've come across recently that are inspired by these dolls, otherwise known as Matryoshka dolls. Check out some of my favorites below!

Forever 21 Nesting Doll Ear Buds
Can you think of anything cooler than setting these inside your ears and jamming out to your iPod?

Swarovski Matrioshka Long Pendant
Clear and fuchsia crystals set against gleaming gold take this pendant to a totally luxe level.

Topshop Russian Doll Pendant
Extra-long lashes and a knowing smirk make this such a unique take on the iconic shape.

ModCloth Oh My Doll-Ing Socks
I love unique socks -- there's nothing more boring to me than plain black or white -- so these patterned lovelies are definitely on my must-have list.

Fred Flare Babushka Tweezer Doll
From the colorful hues to the sharp angled tips, these adorable tweezers are worth casting my trustworthy Tweezermans aside.
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  1. have you seen these yet? they are on my list to buy when they are back in stock!