Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Manicure Spotting: I'm Coveting My Coworker's Grey Nails.

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I've taken to looking at my coworkers' nails pretty frequently, because they all tend to try pretty cool colors and designs. And my gal Erin is no different! I noticed her nails from across the room today and simply had to know what she was wearing -- and it's Happy Apothecary Storm Cloud Tapping Tips Nail Polish!

I'm loving the steely hue and creaminess of the formula, though Erin warned me it does apply super matte. She used a top coat to give it a more glossy finish. (Upon testing the shade myself, I did find that it was incredibly matte on its own, so kudos to Erin for pointing that out!)

Score your own bottle for $7.50 at aerie.com.

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