Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mani of the Week: Essie Cocktail Bling from the Winter 2011 Collection

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Fall is here, which means it's time for my nails to undergo a bit of a makeover! I'm putting the pinks and neons back into the drawer until springtime (or until the winter blues kick in and I need a little bit of a pick-me-up). In any case, I'm totally loving the Essie Winter 2011 Collection -- all six hues are rich, gorgeous and perfect for cooler temperatures. My favorite of the six in the collection is most definitely Cocktail Bling, a beautifully cool dove grey. Two coats went on slick, smooth and creamy.

What's on your nails this week? Let me know in the comments!


  1. So pretty that color is on my list of must have's from the winter collection! I have on Bangle Jangle right now...saw it yesterday and I HAD to buy it! I absolutely LOOOOOOOVE the Fall Collection (clearly since I bought the entire collection lol). The polish's are so up my ally I LOVE how smooth and creamy they are and I am stoked to see that carry over to the winter collection. Bangle Jangle was a dream to appy last night and i'm totally in love with it! Its too early to tell for sure since its the first color of the collection I have but I think this one may end up being my fave of all of them!

  2. OPI ZOM-BODY TO LOVE glow in the dark with OPI Red Shatter.

    I love Halloween. = ]