Monday, October 10, 2011

Salon and Spa Directory: Brows by Lura at Stark Waxing Studio

Stark Waxing Studio, Lura Stark Waxing Studio, waxing, eyebrows, brows, eyebrow wax, eyebrow waxing, brow wax, brow waxing, Lura at Stark Waxing StudioAre your brows totally and completely out of control? Are you desperate for a reshaping and cleaning up? Well, Lura at Stark Waxing Studio is your new lifesaver.

Fact: your brows will look better than ever before. Seriously, I've had my brows waxed for years and have never had them look as good as when Lura does them. And not only that -- Lura is so good at what she does, she doesn't even need to ask you about the shape or what you want. She just has you lie down on the table and gets to work -- and the finished product is AMAZING. Exactly what you would have asked her to do, but even better.

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