Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Best Bubble Bath Series: Archipelago Botanicals Sugar Bubble Bath

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For the past six years, I lived in an apartment without a bathtub -- only a stall shower. A travesty for any beauty-obsessed woman who just wants to take a bubble bath once in awhile! Luckily, my new apartment has a gorgeous bathtub, which led me to test some of the most luxurious bubble baths on the market. Here are my findings.

A sugar-scented bubble bath that's not too saccharine or sweet? I'd say it couldn't be done, until I tried Archipelago Botanicals Sugar Bubble Bath.

This huge bottle -- seriously, it's 32.5 ounces -- contains a bubble bath that's as rich and foamy as it is intriguingly scented. A few capfuls and my bathtub was swimming in deliciously scented bubbles!

And aside from the bubble bath creating a lot of bathtime fun with mountains of bubbles everywhere, it actually treats the skin right, too. Alpha hydroxy acids, vanilla extracts and brown sugar cleanse and moisturize the skin -- so when you step out of the tub, your entire body feels baby soft and smooth.

If only this bubble bath came with a dozen sugar cookies! Oh well, nobody's perfect.

Archipelago Botanicals Sugar Bubble Bath retails for $22 at archipelago-usa.com.

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