Wednesday, February 1, 2012

8 iPhone Cases Guaranteed to Put a Smile on Your Face

As of this past November, I am finally an iPhone user. The 64GB iPhone 4S, to be exact. (I am a firm believer in getting the best technology available at the time -- that way, even when something surpasses it, it's still functional for awhile.) And, of course, I've become obsessed with iPhone cases ever since! I want my iPhone to make a statement and not only get admiring/jealous looks from everyone around me, but put a smile on my face as well. Behold, the 8 cases that do just that.

Jagger Edge Montana Collection in Hot Pink
Girly pink and rocker studs. The combination I live for.
$98 at

Loungefly Hello Kitty Nerd iPhone Case
I can't help it -- I love Hello Kitty. And with heart-shaped glasses and a huge pink bow, she's even cuter than normal!
$24.50 at

Marc by Marc Jacobs Spectacle iPhone 4G Case
A bespectacled case ensures my iPhone will be outta sight.
$38 at

Case-Mate Tough iPhone Case
An allover honey bear print? How sweet.
$38 at

Rebecca Minkoff Pyramid Stud iPhone 4 Case
This studded confection will keep my 8 Rebecca Minkoff bags company.
$48 at

DANNIJO Stache iPhone 4 Case
While I don't really like mustaches on men, I think they're just too adorable for words on this case by jewelry designer DANNIJO.
$98 at

Kate Spade All Eyes iPhone 4 Case
Want all eyes on you? Get this super cute iPhone case.
$40 at

Incase Warhol Collection Glass iPhone Snap Case
I love all the prints in Incase's Warhol collection, but this one -- with its repeating "Handle With Care" motif, really spoke to me.
$39.95 at

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