Monday, February 20, 2012

Exclusive! Audrina Patridge On Her Partnership With Curve, Her Favorite Beauty Products and More!

Audrina Patridge, Curve Fragrance, Curve Perfume, Curve Cologne, Audrina Patridge CurveI have an exciting treat for you today! I spoke with Audrina Patridge this weekend about her new partnership with Curve -- and even got the scoop on some of her favorite beauty products and best beauty tips! Read on to find out more.

How did you get involved with Curve, and what do you love about working with the fragrance?
I’ve always loved fragrance, whether it be on a guy or a girl. I think it’s a huge part of getting ready every day and going out every night. You should have a daytime smell and a nighttime smell, it really enhances your mood and leaves a lasting first impression.

I knew about Curve in high school, my guy friends and my brother used to wear it. When I was approached, I was really excited to partner up with Curve, because I want to help encourage all the men out there to smell great for their ladies!

What's your typical beauty and skincare routine?
I wash my face religiously every morning and every night, no mater how tired I am. If I can’t wash my face, I use Neutrogena Night Calming Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes if I’m really that lazy or traveling on a plane. I bring those with me to take my makeup off.

My face is very dry from traveling so I love Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream.

I use Bremenn Miracle Cream on my hands, neck, chest, face, anywhere, it tightens your skin up and gets rid of all the dark spots.

Do you do anything different when you’re on set and have even more makeup on than usual?
Usually after a photo shoot, as soon as I get home I wash my face, because I hate that feeling of too much makeup. I feel like I have a mask on! Usually at a photo shoot my makeup artist will massage my face and they put tons of hydrating moisturizer on before they start lathering on all the foundation and different colors and contouring powders and all that stuff. I try not to wear a lot of makeup when I don’t have to.

I wear tinted moisturizer on a daily basis with SPF and I always wear bronzer of course! My face is definitely lighter than my body so I definitely have to brown it up! I’ve been using LORAC TANtalizer and I’m obsessed with it -- I use it on my shoulders, my collarbone, my face, everything!

Are there any makeup tips you’ve picked up from makeup artists at photo shoots that you’ve incorporated into your own routine?
I’ve learned that you can change your own face by how you apply your makeup. You can change your eye shape and everything! You really have to mess around with makeup and have a play day and see what looks good on you. As far as color for eyeshadows, you want to go with a color that enhances your eye color. I have hazel eyes and I like to bring out the gold and the green a lot, so I use lots of plums and purples and golds. It’s really just about enhancing what you have in your cheekbones and your jawline and your lips and everything.

I have learned that with contouring, on the sides of my nose, they put really dark makeup to make my nose look even smaller. It’s kind of crazy because I already have a pretty small nose! Dark on the sides and right down the middle, it makes your nose look very chiseled and small.

Do you have any tricks for removing really stubborn makeup?
Eye makeup is really stubborn and hard to get off. I wash my face, I use the Neutrogena wipes, and then I’ll also wash with cleanser and a hot washcloth. I’ll soak the hot washcloth in water and put it on my face full of water and let my face soak it off, not scrubbing my face but definitely wiping it. That seems to help, your skin turns a little pink but it’s getting all the makeup off. You never want to rub or tug on your skin or your eyes.

I absolutely love your hair. Can you tell me how you get it to look so amazing all the time?
I’m really obsessed with Moroccanoil, I use it on my skin as well. It smells so good! I just put it on the ends. I use a lot of dry shampoo. I try not to wash my hair, I wash it maybe twice a week. I just use dry shampoo and I brush it. I do a hair mask once every three weeks. I just switched to Moroccanoil, I’ve heard great things about it!

What are your top beauty products?
Bremenn Miracle Cream.

Lancer Skin Care cleanser: I use all of [this dermatologist’s] cleansers to get my makeup off. My skin is kind of sensitive sometimes and it’s really light.

My lips get really dry so I use La Mer The Lip Balm.

I’m really loving M.A.C Shale, a purplish grey eyeshadow.

I love LORAC TANtalizer and I use Make Up For Ever contouring powders.

I try to keep it minimal but I do have my favorites! I do also like to switch it up every now and then, I don’t stick to the same thing for too long, you just get too used to it.


  1. This post is great, I've always lovedaudrina! Great to know what she actually uses.

  2. Was lucky to be at PURE for Audrina's party. Fun event! Good and bad about Audrina's appearance... Good: Audrina looked as fit and toned as I have ever seen her. She has definitely been working out! Little purple dress was cute. Great color, fit her like a glove! Her makeup was incredible! Perfect for her complexion with a little metallic on the eyes to match the dress. Bad: Her hair is weird now. The stylist for the night did a fantastic job of trying to disguise there is NO hair on the sides of Audrina's head! It's been drastically cut. The stylist used a braid on one side and a back sweep on the other and then pulled hair from the back of her head forward to create the illusion length. Her hair has been cut up to her ears, used to fall on her chest! Good work by the stylist. Not your normal gorgeous hair look from Audrina. Scissors happy stylists on "Revenge" did Audrina no favors by drastically cutting her hair.